HOURS OF OPERATION   11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

June 26th– September 12th


Pool Rules

  1. The “2021 Swimming Pool Rules and Procedures” (Pool Rules) enumerated herein are governed by the COVID 19 Regulations issued by the CDC, State of NJ Executive Order 153, and the NJ Department of Health (NJDOH) “COVID-19 Outdoor Pool Standards”. Strict compliance with these Rules by all HVCSA residents using the pool is mandatory to promote the health and safety of residents using the pool.

  2. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk.  The Community assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with such use or for any loss or damage to personal property.

  3. Residents can only gain access to the pool area using their own Key FOB. 

  4. Residents prior to using the pool will be required to sign and submit a Waiver Agreement Form that will be available from Management.

  5. Persons using the pool area agree not to hold the HVCSA liable for any actions of whatever nature occurring within the pool area.

  6. The pool will be open to residents daily, Monday through Sunday, from 11AM to 7PM.

  7. A public announcement will be made ten (10) minutes before lifeguard and the COVID Point of Contact lunchbreak, to notify residents to prepare to exit the pool. 

  8. Only HVCSA residents will be allowed to use the pool. Extended family, guests or children will NOT be allowed to use the pool. Residents must present Photo ID upon entrance at the gate to confirm residency.

  9. The NJDOH requires that each pool facility must employ a COVID Point of Contact, separate from the lifeguards, who will be at the pool daily to monitor and maintain compliance with the Rules. The COVID Point of Contact & the pool committee will have full authority to perform the following duties:

    • Check Photo ID at the entry gate to verify HVCSA residency. 

    • Take and record name and address for contracting tracing. 

    • Maintain compliance with the Rules. The COVID Point of Contact & the pool committee shall have the authority to take appropriate action to correct any non-compliant resident activities, including ejection from the pool area, if necessary.

    • Oversee and assist with cleaning and disinfecting operations of high touch surface areas. 

  10. Bathers must towel dry before entering the restrooms.  Footwear must be worn when using the restrooms.

  11. No reserving of seating or tables.  Please use the provided cleaning supplies to clean the chairs, tables or lounge chairs when you are finished for the day. 

  12. Residents are allowed to bring snacks and foods required for medical conditions, for example, diabetics, etc., to the pool area. Food deliveries from outside vendors or group parties will not be allowed. Water bottles are allowed on site and all bottles must be removed from the pool area when residents leave. No bottles, including empty bottles, are to be left behind.

  13. Personal items such as towels, noodles, computers, phones, or iPads are allowed but cannot be shared and must remain with the resident and taken away when the resident leaves the pool area.

  14. Hand sanitizers are available at numerous stations in the pool area for resident use.

  15. All persons shall obey the instructions of the lifeguard, COVID Point of Contact and the pool committee.  No person shall use the pool unless it is officially open and either the lifeguard and/or COVID Point of Contract is present.    

  16. Persons with contagious skin rash, infections, or open cuts are not permitted in the pool. 

  17. Glass containers, breakable objects, sharp-edged objects are not permitted in the pool area.

  18. Swimming pool operations will be in accordance with the contract signed by HVCSA and the contracted Pool Service Company.

  19. Exit or entry through the Ballroom doors or into the clubhouse by anyone using the pool is strictly prohibited.  Kitchen and ballroom entry doors will be kept locked at all times. 

  20. Water shoes are only permitted when put on at pool edge.

  21. No profane language will be permitted in the pool area.

  22. Smoking is not permitted in the pool area.

  23. No intoxicated persons will be permitted in pool area.

  24. Only bathing suits are allowed to be worn in the swimming pool.

  25. Please recycle. Put all trash in containers provided. Residents are urged to assist in       keeping the pool area clean

NOTE: These Rules have been developed for your health and safety. Failure to comply with all aspects of the Rules above or with any directive issued by the COVID Point of Contact, Lifeguards or the pool committee will be grounds for ejection from the pool area. These rules supersede any other HVCSA Swimming Pool Rules that were previously in effect with the right of the Board of Trustees to change the above said rules at any time, with proper notice given to the residents. 



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