President Janice Weiner
Vice President Jack Fisher
Treasurer Trudy Tomkowicz
Secretary Priscilla Knapp
Trustee June Bilinky
Trustee Ann Torre



The Holiday Village Condominium Association (HVCA) consists of 136 units. The Board of Trustees and the Association are responsible for maintaining the aesthetic quality of the community as well as providing for a financially sound Association.

A successful Condominium Association community depends upon the cooperation of all residents. The rules and regulations of the community have been established to provide for your safety, privacy and well being of the entire community. Holiday Village is governed by a seven member Board of Trustees, elected by the unit owners. The members serve 1-year terms without compensation. The Board is responsible for the administration and management of the Association including hiring of legal counsel, auditing the Association books and enforcing the rules and regulations.

The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Wednesday of each month in the Holiday Village Community Services Association Clubhouse. Should residents wish to offer comments or suggestions, please contact any member of the Board or send a letter to the office. Minutes of all meetings are available at the Manager’s office for each owner’s review.

There is also a General membership (Unit Owners) meeting held once a year in November. At this meeting, general business is conducted and the forth-coming budget is presented. Board elections take place in the month of October.

A management company is retained by the Board of Trustees to conduct the day to day operations of HVCA. Their services are funded by your monthly assessment. The Management Company acts with the authority of the Association in accordance with the established policies and HVCA guidelines and is accountable to the Board of Trustees. All personnel are the employees of Management and take their direction from Management only.

The management company provides the personnel necessary to perform all HVCA operational services, such as: bookkeeping, promulgation or rules and regulations, site inspections, processing maintenance requests and other duties as directed by the Board of Trustees.

Management is available to help you make your living experience here at Holiday Village Condominium Association more enjoyable. Management can be reached by phone from 9:00am– 4:00pm Monday through Thursday, Friday 9am-2:30pm at (888) 884-8490.

All correspondence should be sent to:
Holiday Village Condominiums
C/O Associa Mid-Atlantic
14000 Horizon Way, Suite 200
Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054


You are responsible for your home and its maintenance. Everything inside your door is yours to care for and maintain. This includes, but is not limited to, walls, ceilings, floor surfaces, cabinets, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems, electrical system, appliances, fixtures and hardware, windows and doors.


The Association is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all common areas and grounds; operation of all systems, including exterior irrigation, lighting, parking areas, walkways, roofs, gutter, down spouts, etc., and Association business in general, such as the administration of the By-Laws of the Association and the enforcement of Rules and Regulations as established by the Association.


The services provided by the Association are funded by the homeowners’ assessments. Each homeowner is assessed a monthly fee for these services.

The Association can only maintain a proper cash flow for operating expenses and reserves if the monthly assessment fees are paid in a prompt and timely manner.

A $25.00 late fee will be charged to any unit owner whose total monthly assessment is not received on or before the 30th day of the month due. This fee will be in addition to the monthly assessment, and will be charged for each month dues are late.

A $25.00 processing fee for checks returned for insufficient funds will be charged in addition to any late fees incurred.

All new unit owners should receive an assessment booklet with return envelopes at settlement. Both contain a tenant number, which is used by the computer to identify the payment for the credit to the unit owner’s account.
If you did not receive this booklet at settlement, please contact the office immediately. Checks should be made payable to Holiday Village Condominium Association. Checks should be mailed to the bank designated in the envelopes provided.


The Association provides property insurance for the exterior walls and roofs of the buildings and the common elements. Therefore, the insurance coverage for you home must include the interior walls as well as windows and doors.


(1) Trash is picked up once a week. Owners must place all trash in dumpster with the exception of recyclable items. Recyclable Container located on Village Court.
(2) Trash must not be placed alongside or on top of the dumpster for any reason.
(3) Bulk items such as appliances, furniture, carpeting, etc. and cartons may not be placed in the dumpster area. Residents must contact management with any bulk item scheduling.
(4) Cartons must be broken down before being placed in the dumpster.


Newspapers must be placed in the dumpster marked “newspapers” either loose or in brown paper bags. Magazines, paperback books and cardboard may also be included, but bundle them separately from newspapers. Never put papers in plastic bags. Do not recycle soiled paper or junk mail, plastic or wax coated cardboard or food boxes.

Glass bottles and jars and aluminum cans must be rinsed thoroughly with caps/lids removed prior to placing in appropriate container. All recycling containers are located on Village Court. Newspaper containers are on Village Court.


Due to limited parking areas, it is requested that owners with more than one car park the car used less frequently in the space away from the building. There is no parking allowed on the grass. Assigned parking is on Center Lane only.

Boats and trailers are not permitted on the property. If for some reason, a problem arises that would cause your car to sit unused (i.e. going away or mechanical problems), please notify the office to avoid the possibility of having your car towed. All vehicles are to be parked front and forward.


Any owner having a fireplace must certify to the office that chimney has been cleaned annually.


The filter in the dryer should be cleaned after each cycle and the lint tray behind the dryer should be checked occasionally so as to promote proper venting. The office should be notified immediately if you feel the outside dryer vent needs to be cleaned.


All owners who lease their property must provide the Association with a copy of the lease. The lease must be for a period of six months or longer. The Association must also be provided with a completed Occupant Registration form, available from the HVCA office.


In accordance with the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions, owners listing their home for sale must notify the management office.

The seller of any unit at HVCA should turn over all documents to the buyer upon signing of the sales agreement, namely: By-Laws, DCR, deeds and resolutions.


The Township of Mt. Laurel has a “pooper scooper law” which requires all pet owners to clean up after their animals. In addition, many owners allow their cats to roam causing extensive damage to shrubbery, as well as motor vehicles. Pet owners need to be considerate of their neighbors, clean up after their pets, contain their cats and always walk their dog on a leash and carry and use a pooper-scooper. Please keep pets off condo common ground areas.


Snow Clearing for the condominiums occurs when there is an accumulation of 2 inches or more snow. Snow Clearing will not begin until snow has stopped falling. Walkways will be salted when icy conditions prevail.


The condominiums receive weekly lawn maintenance during the summer months. A watering schedule is also established for the condominium owners.


It may seem as though there are many rules and regulations to absorb, however, you will find that the covenants and restrictions will help to preserve your property values and promote an organized, well-established community.




(1) All vehicles must be parked in lined parking spaces. Owners and
residents shall be responsible for damage caused to common areas through negligent operation of their vehicles.

(2) Owners of vehicles shall adhere to the posted speed limit of 15 miles per
hour within Holiday Village Condo.

(3) No parking area or common element area shall be used for the repair of
automobiles, except for emergencies, or vehicles of any kind.

(4) No unit may be used for the conduct or location of any commercial

(5) All pets must be walked on a leash at all times. Animal owners should exercise common courtesy and avoid walking their pets within close proximity of any unit or on the center island.

(6) Each member shall be responsible for any damage or liability occasioned by any such pet or animal.

(7) All dogs must wear an easily visible registration tag when outside of pet owner’s residence.

(8) All dogs must be attended by owner and kept on a leash no longer than six feet.

(9) Any dog found unattended without a tag will be turned over to the Mount Laurel Dog Catcher.

(10) All trash must be placed in a sealed container (i.e., plastic bags or paper bag) before being discarded in the dumpster. This will help eliminate odors and avoid any possible disturbance from existing pests and further avoid loose trash from blowing outside the dumpster.

(11) If the dumpster is filled, please walk to the next most convenient dumpster that is not filled. No trash is permitted to be placed on the ground since it is a violation of Township ordinances and HVCA.

(12) All large items that cannot be disposed of in the dumpster shall be placed next to dumpster and reported to management to arrange bulk pick-up. Electronic items, carpets and mattresses should be disposed of by contractor at completion of job.

 (13) At no time hereafter shall any member of any person(s) acting under him/her use any object or thing which creates noise, smoke, odor, soot or vibrations in such manner as to disturb any other member or lawful user of the common elements nor shall they have any signs, flags, banners, pennants, flashing lights, wires, clothes or any other unsightly object beyond the interior walls of any unit so that they are in any way visible from the outside; provided, however, that American Flags and other patriotic type flags will be permitted to be flown or displayed on appropriate occasions and further provided that lights of a steady or flashing nature will be permitted to be used during the year end holiday season.

(14) Except at herein provided, no member shall build or maintain any matter or thing upon, over and under the common elements, except with the express permission of the Board in writing, nor shall any member place trash, garbage, excess materials of any kind on or about the common elements, nor burn, chop or cut anything on, over or above the common elements.

(15) Barbecue grills/propane gas grills are prohibited. No common areas or stairwell areas may be used for any type of storage of any unit owner or renter’s property. At no time shall any unit owner store any combustible materials.

(16) An owner renting a unit must forward copies of the lease to the Association Office within ten (10) days of the signing of a lease. The lease shall contain provisions as stipulated in Art. 4, Sec. S, Page 16 of the Master Deed, Declaration of Restrictive and Protective Covenants and Agreements and Easement Grants and copy of Rules and Regulations.

(17) Failure to pay any fine within five (5) days after imposition thereof shall constitute a separate offense.

(18) In addition to the remedies specified herein, a member shall be liable to the Association for reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in enforcing the By-Laws, Rules or Regulations of the Association.




Revised: 6/11/18